Speed kills: St Ann’s Road 1971

I said we would come down to street level for this next installment of Bernard Selwyn pictures, so here you are:


1-9 Tidy's - corner of St Ann's -Bramley 02 May 1971

Tidy’s, for toys, hardware, confectionery and many other items I suspect, located at 20-22 Bramley Road at an intersection with Treadgold Street which no longer exists (the intersection no longer exists – Treadgold Street has been truncated since 1971 but still goes on). You can also see St Ann’s Road on the far left of the picture. We’ll go for a bit of a walk around here.

I said we’d come down to earth but it might help if we look at another of Selwyn’s bird’s eye views from Frinstead House.


col looking south from FH 22 jun 1971 8

You can make out Tidy’s on the left side of the picture two thirds up from the bottom. Bramley Road runs diagonally past it and St Ann’s Road heads south. The main road running under the railway was called Latimer Road in 1971 but now this section is called Freston Road.

This map also dates from 1971 and shows the layout of the streets.


1971 OS map Treadgold Street - Bard Street - Copy

Across the road from Tidy’s a man in shirtsleeves stands near Leone, the hairdressers.



1-12 Bramley Arms 1-9 Bramley Road May 1971

Further up the road the Bramley Arms which we first saw along the roofline a couple  of weeks ago in front of the brewery building.


2-4 Bramley Arms 02 May 1971 - Copy

Looking back at Latimer Road, the Zenith Cafe.


2-9 Bramley Road - Copy

In close up Gene and Pearl, button manufacturers. A woman looks back as she walks.


2-9 girl looks back outside 12-14 Bramley Road - Copy

A view further back, showing the Trafalgar pub. Do you see the building on the left, in the foreground?


2-0 looking up Latimer Road pastTrafalgar at Bramley Arms - Copy

Here it is looking south.


2-12 M Gold 119-121 Latimer Road 02 May 1971 - Copy

From Kelly’s Directory: M Gold and Co (Rags) Ltd non-ferrous scrap metal merchants 119-121 Latimer Road. Take another look back up Latimer Road.


Latimer Road looking north - Champion Dining Rooms May 1971 BS36 - Copy

I know some people will be interested to see the Champion Dining Rooms.

At the end of this stretch of road:


1-32 looking north up Latimer Road - The Enterprise 02 May 1971 - Copy

The Enterprise, an off-license rather than a pub was on the corner of Mortimer Square. This is where we turn off.


1-30 Mortimer Square north side 02 May 1971 - Copy

This view of Mortimer Square looks north again. Many of the buildings in these pictures no longer exist but that double fronted resturant is still there under a new name. The street on the right is St Ann’s Road and it will take us back to where we started.


1-24 St Ann's Road MGB - Copy

There were some gaps in the rows of house where there were yards and small businesses, and an MGB for those of us who like such things. (As always identifications of vehicles featured are welcome.There are no spectacular cars here but they’re alll of interest.)

This view includes the other side of the street.


1-25 St Ann's Road looking north west at SK May 1971 - Copy

There’s some roadside activity by the post box. (What is happening there?) and in the distance, one of those towers is Frinstead House, from which Selwyn took many of his pictures.

1-21 looking up St Ann's road at SK May 1971 - Copy

Closer to the top of the road, another gap in the row of houses, another view of the towers and painted on the back of a building on Treadgold Street …a couple of words.

That phrase was painted on other walls around this time I think. There’s a new edition of Roger Perry’s book about graffitti, the Writing on the Wall in which you can find other examples (and see my post on graffitti in K&C).


1-16 Treadgold Street junction with St Ann's Road May 1971 - Copy

We’re back now facing Bramley Road. Peggs and Dolls. a boutique at number 11, next to Curtiss and Sons, furniture removers. And finally:


1-17 Tidy's 02 May 1971 - Copy

At Tidy’s, “for your entertainment” posters for White City Stadium – stock car racing. The stadium hosted speedway, greyhound racing and even football and rugby, not to mention events in the 1908 Olympics. But that’s a Hammersmith and Fulham matter, so let’s stop here.


Of course as historians of local government know although all the streets in this week’s posts are in Kensington and Chelsea today, back in 1971 they were in Hammersmith (the Borough had yet to add the “and Fulham”). Which is why our libarary photographer never got there and we have to be grateful to Bernard Selwyn whose work and interests crossed Borough boundaries. There will be more from him in the future. (He also went over this ground in some colour pictures).

This post is dedicated to my friend Cy, who knows the area as it is now well.


16 responses to “Speed kills: St Ann’s Road 1971

  • Scott Hatton

    I think the original boundary between the two boroughs run along the original course of Counter’s Creek, a long buried river. The Kensington/Paddington boundary was also along a culverted river – the Westbourne. The boundaries made little sense once the rivers had disappeared from the landscape.

  • john henwood

    excellent work as always,Dave

    • Dave Walker

      Thanks. The Selwyn pictures have been the subject of much discussion with Maggie and others here, and lots of puzzling over what streets and what buildings we were looking at. As I say in the post, Selwyn was just as interested in Hammersmith as Kensington and along with more pictures showing this side of the railway there are also some of the Hammersmith side which are just as interesting but possibly not in my remit.

  • Alan Bateman

    Brought back so many happy memories

  • Teresa Green

    i was so happy to see these photos…i saw my old home..and i think my dads ford anglia was outside it!!…would love to see more of Latimer road(now freston road)..happy days!!

  • George Morris

    I found these photo’s very interesting. I was born and raised further south along Latimer Rd. I had a paper round at the newsagents opposite Tidies around 1962/3.

    • dsd

      I do like reading about the history of London ,so good blog..
      My question is, how comes that particular part of L.Grove was all rebuilt. I used to Mini cab in that area and it seems only that area changed . Roughly West Cross Route to Walmer rd.
      Let’s be real everywhere around the outskirts of that area is nice houses(expensive houses)now.
      So was that particular area all slum housing

  • andrew buckley

    anyone have photos with views down treadgold street? particularly st. francis roman catholic primary school?

    • Dave Walker

      We have some pictures of Treadgold Street about 1969 including a couple of St Fancis. Do you live locally and/or can you come into the library?

      • Andrew Buckley

        Hello Dave, apologies for the delay. I live in Cambridge, would I have to visit the library in person to obtain copies or can they be emailed? My Nan and Grandad were caretakers of this school when I was just a child but have found memories of our visits to the school in the holidays, many thanks for your reply, Andrew.

  • Andrew Buckley

    Hello Dave, sorry I’ve been on holiday for most of April. Can I ask the best way to obtain a copy of these photos? I do have a few close up photos of St.Francis and St.Clements but nothing showing a complete view. My Grandfather was a frequent visitor to “Tidies” and the Bramley Arms!!! I have very fond memories of Treadgold Street and Avondale Park and playing football in the playground at St.Francis. Can’t believe that the building behind the old school is still there today! Thank you in advance, Andrew.

  • clare

    Hi, just wondered if anyone knows if Pegs and Dolls at number 11, happened to turn into a cafe called Laurel and Hardy? It’d be lovely to see some photos of it if it did. thanks for your help, Clare

  • Andrew Buckley

    I’m still searching, without much success, any photos looking down Treadgold Street, particularly, the front view of St Francis R C school from back in the 60’s or 70’s??? Can anyone help me? Thank you.

  • Richard Snelson

    Just found this site. My wife’s grandfather had a grocers shop/ dairy ar 77 Bramley Road. He was Ted Hughes. Later moved next door to run The Badge Cafe. This was all on the corner of Bramley Road and Silchester Road. I wonder if there are any old photos of that area before the days of demolition and the Westway?

  • Bob Walker

    Interesting to see The Trafalgar. My great, great grandfather Thomas Edward Walker died in there in 1878. He was the landlord for a time and seems to have run a number of other boozers in London as well as working as a butler for a Governor of the Bank of England in Russell Square, Bloomsbury. His death cert says elephantiasis graecorum. Took a long time and the advent of the internet before we worked out what that was: Leprosy.

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