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Whose mews?

First, I’d like to thank all those who identified the mystery mews at the end of the last post, Ennismore Gardens Mews. As that was so successful, I have another group of unknown (to me) mewses which also need to be named. They’re all locations I think I should know but somehow don’t. And I’m quite sure some of you will be able to provide the answers. Some of them should be very easy, some perhaps not.




“Garden Mews”, according to the signs. But what garden mews? And “private” as it says on the gate.

No shortage of signs here either.




Parking is restricted “by order of the Grosvenor Estate”, which might place it outside, or on the borders of the Royal Borough.

Below, a relatively short mews, surrounded by tall houses.




But no signs visible.

The next one is less of a mews and more of an entrance.





It slopes down into a dark space. But the arch is interesting.

This one is another that feels very familiar.




It’s a little battered in this picure. It may have been improved since. The pictures were all taken about the same time but I’m not committing myself to a date. 70s or 80s?

This one looks like there might be a turn at the end.




There are several mews streets between Gloucester Road and Queen’s Gate. One of those?




This is the most elaborate of today’s selection so once again I feel strongly I should know it.

And this one coud be the other end of one of the others.




The graffitti doesn’t give much away,



Another dilapidated arch, and a slight slop downwards.

This is another tunnel rather than an arch. I want to say Onslow….. ButOnslow what?




Finally, to add a bit of symmetry to proceedings, here’s one I do know, which didn’t quite make the cut last time.

The low but wide Morton Mews.





Just off Earls Court Gardens, it no longer has a helpful road sign.



Thanks to Neil Smith, Edward Towers, Hugh Levinson, Gregory Hammond and from the Planning Department Jose Anon and Carolyn Goddard who all spotted Ennismore Gardens Mews. Good luck to evryone with this selection.

Grenfell Tower

Many of the posts on this blog are related to the history of North Kensington, and many of our readers live in the area. As a mark of respect for all those affected by the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower on Wednesday morning there will be no post this week.

Our thoughts and sympathies go out to residents, their families, friends and neighbours.

The Local Studies team

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